VR/AR Global Summit Online

The VR/AR Global Summit is the flagship event of the VR/AR Association. After several successful editions in North America, it was time to organize the same event in Europe in 2020. The organizing committee decided that Lisbon in Portugal was the perfect location, and started preparations over a year ago. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the in-person event had to be changed in March to an online conference. What challenges did they have to overcome to organize the first VR/AR Global Summit Online on June 1-3rd, 2020?

Anne-Marie Enns is the Executive Producer of the VR/AR Global Summit Online. “We had to adapt the event to the ‘new normal’ because of the COVID-19 pandemic. What is the role of immersive technology in the world right now? How can speakers adjust their content? What online event platform are we going to use? Answering these questions in a very short time-span was crucial, as the event is taking place on June 1-3rd.”

Challenges: speakers and online event platform

The VR/AR Global Summit moved to an online conference in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. Anne-Marie: “We had to shift our focus and look at how speakers can comment on what’s happening in the world and the role of immersive technology. That was a challenge; we had to deal with speakers from all over the globe in different stages of lockdown. However, context and content are essential. Despite the short time frame, we managed in collaboration with the speakers to adjust the VR/AR Global Summit agenda into a qualitative online-only schedule. We were able to set up a COVID-19 specific program about the role of immersive technology in remote work, collaboration, training, education, the economy, virtual events, and more.”

Figuring out the best online event platform for the VR/AR Global Summit Online was also a challenge. “To assess the right way to deliver the content to our target audience, we tested about twelve platforms. Although it seemed obvious to choose a full VR platform, we had to take into account that people are attending the conference from home. Not everyone has access yet to a VR headset. So, we decided to use Hopin, a platform that provides us the most flexibility to reach a broad audience”, says Anne-Marie. Hopin is an online events platform allowing attendees to learn, interact, and connect from anywhere in the world. It mixes various event segments, such as presentations, group meetings, 1-on-1 meetings, and virtual event booths.

“We were able to set up a COVID-19 specific program about the role of immersive technology in remote work, collaboration, training, education, the economy, virtual events, and more.”−− Ann-Marie Enns


Immersive technology is part of the solution

Before the COVID-19 crisis, businesses tended to organize in-person events. However, the present social distancing policy prohibits these events. As a consequence, you have to change your strategy. Therefore, many organizations are already moving to an online-first event strategy. It is a highly effective and efficient way to gather thousands of attendees from around the globe. Currently, the immersive industry receives numerous business requests for organizing virtual events with VR/AR. In other words, immersive technology is part of the solution to move your business to a virtual-first strategy. 

VR/AR Global Summit Online Conference

On June 1-3rd, the VR/AR Global Summit Online connects you with the best VR/AR solution providers, such as Lenovo and Unity. It provides you the opportunity to discover the added value of VR/AR for your business: whether you are in health, science, politics, banking, gaming, marketing, or any other industry. The organizers have ensured that attendance to the event is free. Though, if you want to benefit fully from the VR/AR Global Summit Online, be sure to get premium access for less than a hundred dollars.

VR/AR Global Summit Online Conference 2020

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