Virtual Data Innovation Summit

The diSummit goes virtual on request of many members and partners of the AI and Data Science Community in Belgium: Virtual Data Innovation Summit (Virtual DI Summit). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to have an in-person event. However, we are organizing a full year online program starting in September with, e.g., webcasts, videos, blogs, and more. What is on the Virtual DI Summit program in the coming months? 

The theme of the first Virtual DI Summit program is ‘AI for Everyone’. Our objective is to make AI accessible for everyone by showing practical AI-applications from a business- and a technical point of view. Besides, we bring you in contact with global and local market players, as well as the full AI and Data Science Community in Belgium and beyond. is a technology hub focussing on helping Brussels emerge as the ICT Heart of Europe. Actively participating in the Virtual DI Summit as a strategical partner is a powerful way to achieve this. — Claudio Truzzi

DI Virtual Summit 2020 program 

The Virtual DI Summit program starts with a monthly webcast focussing on meaningful, practical AI applications. Once a month, we organize a live-webcast. It begins with an inspiring keynote by an expert in, e.g., Ethics, HealthTech, Industry 4.0, GovTech, Telco- & EnergyTech, and more. That is followed up by in-depth, purposeful, real-life cases from our partners to provide insight into business problems, solutions, and technology. In September, we start with a webcast about AI & Ethics. You can have a look at the full 2020 – 2021 program planning at Besides webcasts, we also plan to create valuable AI content, such as videos, blogs, podcasts, to share with you via social media. 

As the founder of the Data Science Community in Belgium, and one of the driving forces of AI4Belgium, I fully support Desiree in extending the annual, famous diSummit with a full-year Virtual DI Summit program. — Philippe van Impe

Virtual DI Summit committee

Currently, the Virtual DI Summit committee consists of Philippe van Impe, CEO at European Data Innovation Hub, Claudio Truzzi, Senior Executive at, and myself, Desiree Timmermans – Business Owner at HelpToGrowBusiness. You are welcome to partner up with us and become a speaker at the Virtual Data Innovation Summit.

Desiree TimmermansMy goal is to make AI accessible for everyone by providing you AI knowledge and experience virtually. — Desiree Timmermans

Are you interested in partnering up with the Virtual DI SummitContact Desiree

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