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Currently, we are in a world health crisis concerning COVID-19. It urges people and companies to reconsider how to survive in the short and long term. We are all facing the same dilemma, and we can all use help throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. It is crucial to stay in contact to understand the people’s needs around us and our business network. Besides, we have to meet these needs by offering relief on a personal and business level. What can you do to become part of the solution to assist people and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis?


I hear many heartfelt stories via the media and business relations about health, humanity, and how to survive. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it crystal clear that health is the highest good for humanity. It all comes down to do whatever it takes to overcome this unprecedented health- and, as a consequence, economic crisis. We face lots of infected people, crowded hospitals, health workers risking their lives, and even deaths. Furthermore, numerous people are in home-quarantine, and the government has defined regulations for non-essential businesses, social distancing, teleworking, and financial support. We probably all have gone through considerable dips in our lives and have grown through all of them. However, this pandemic calls us to go back to basics and to help each other.

“Being part of the solution means making a difference by providing your help and expertise to those in need.”

Be part of the solution.

Being part of the solution means making a difference by providing your help and expertise to those in need. First and foremost, we must stay in contact with the people around us and our business relations. We have to listen to them to understand their needs throughout the COVID-19 crisis. So, it all starts with communication and empathy. Second, we have to meet their needs by offering relief on a personal and business level. For example, I actively reach out and listen to people’s stories and help them as much as possible to cope with their personal and work- or business situation. How? By providing different perspectives, sharing life and business experiences, advising about available regulations, offering technology solutions to enhance communication, and bringing them in contact with those in my network who can provide help. Although it may not be easy to step in, it is essential to offer our personal and business expertise to move forward.

Digital is part of the solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes many companies realize that working at home and virtual events are the future. Fortunately, the technology to facilitate this entire digital switch is available. Therefore, I am partnering with my business network to create a first-class webcast solution to help small and medium businesses engage with customers and partners. 

I wish you strength during this challenging crisis.

What can I do to become part of the solution for you during the COVID-19 crisis? Contact Desiree 

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