Do you have a marketing system that realizes your sales and brand objectives?

Are you frustrated that your business lacks effective brand awareness, lead follow-up, and marketing skills?

Can you get your business to a place where you create WOW experiences for your customers?


It is my mission to help you set up the modular digital marketing system I wish I had while working in corporate marketing. Why? Because we all want to be well-equipped to meet our customers’ needs, accomplish sales and brand objectives, and ultimately grow business.

I understand the pain points of growing a business, as I experienced the challenges to reduce chaos, set priorities, handle the workload, and create results. Therefore, I help you set up the modular digital marketing system that grows with you. This system contains building blocks to create dynamic solutions that ultimately engage your customers. 

Having an approach in place to guide customers through the customer journey, and intervene in select customer touchpoints, is critical and separates successful companies from ineffective ones. Many businesses are good at what they do, but they often struggle to identify and resolve the bottlenecks in the customer journey that limit their customers’ enjoyment, experience, and engagement. 

Desiree’s story

Fresh out of college, I was off to work in the social sector to help parents and children solve problems to make their daily lives more comfortable. Though I loved the work, I quickly realized that the residential setting was not for me and went back to university. I changed direction and joined IBM, one of the big IT firms.

After a 15+ year career in IT and marketing, I felt it was time to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and help businesses embrace the opportunities in the digital world. Now, I run a digital content and marketing agency, assisting companies to set up a modular marketing system that grows their revenue and brand advocacy faster.

“My goal is to provide you a valuable modular digital marketing system that delivers immediately actionable steps to grow your business!”

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Core Values

      • Enjoy what you do. People who love what they do can do anything
      • Deliver a compelling customer experience
      • Engage customers personally