A personal data management platform

Since the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data protection became an essential privacy criterion for citizens and organizations. Regaining control of your data, improving data privacy, and authorized data-access is a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Therefore, for example, the Digital Twin Belgium Meetup aims to realize a sound European data privacy business model that provides citizens control over their data. Besides, startups like Datavillage build a user-centric personal data management platform to support citizens and organizations in creating a fair economy.

Quentin Felice and Frederic Lebeau are the co-founders of Datavillage. A company in Europe’s capital, Brussels, focusing on building a personal data management platform to unlock data power reliably. Quentin: “Our platform allows you the opportunity to collect, structure, enrich, process and share personal data in a trusted and compliant way.”  Frederic adds: “Your data is valuable. At Datavillage, people come together to gain control of their data, decide with whom to share it, and receive benefits.”


The user-centric personal data management platform of Datavillage addresses three market actors: data users, data providers, and data consumers. It lets data providers decide which organizations get consent to analyze their data. The resulting derived data gives data consumers insights into, e.g., improving products and services, better serving citizens, and future innovations. Quentin: “Our vision is to create a marketplace where you can valorize your digital profile.” First, the platform helps you, and organizations, to control personal data in a privacy-first manner. Second, it creates a digital profile based on your consent what data to share with whom. That allows users – developers – to organize and process data. Additionally, they can share the derived data with data consumers to create new digital assets.

A personal data management platform

Datavillages’ user-centric personal data management platform

Datavillages’ platform use cases

The media sector is an excellent use-case example, explains Frederic: “Suppose, you want to receive better recommendations about western movies. You can allow Datavillages’ personal data management platform to create a viewer profile of your social, streaming, and television data.” By doing this, you avoid that a third party gets access to your full Netflix viewing data, for instance. The next step might be to share your viewer profile on the national broadcasters’ streaming platform. That enables them to process your viewer data and to provide you with valuable western movie recommendations. Besides the media, the platform is also useful in other sectors such as health, finance, retail, human resources, and mobility. 

Beta launch of the personal data management platform

Are you ready to gain personal data control and use a platform aiming to create a fair economy for all? Datavillage launched a free beta version of its user-centric personal data management platform for professionals like developers and data scientists. You can sign up as a beta tester to test and experience the platform with your preferred data sources: “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Strava, Colruyt, Financial Data, and moreYour feedback, including desired features and data sources, is welcome. Moreover, it is taken into account during the further development of Datavillages’ platform. 

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