VR/AR in Belgium and beyond

In Belgium, the adoption of virtual- and augmented reality is going well because of the well-known reputation in R&D and innovation, locally and globally. The VR/AR Association in Belgium aims to promote, guide, and connect researchers, businesses, community groups, and governments. Participating in events is a powerful way to achieve this. So, on June 1-3, the Belgian VR/AR Association is present at the VR/AR Global Summit Online (VRAGS). It is the perfect opportunity to network with other businesses and vendors, and to generate VR, AR, and XR leads and partnerships.

Cederik Haverbeke is an XR Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Chapter President of the VR/AR Association Belgium. He speaks at global and local events and always emphasizes the strong reputation of VR/AR in Belgium and beyond.  

Nim Framework

The involvement of Cederik in various XR (cross-reality: VR/AR/MR) projects has led to a ‘natural interaction modules’ schema: the Nim Framework. Cederik came up with the framework because he often experiences at XR projects a gap in communication between the business and what he likes to call ‘the catacombs of code.’ It results in many misunderstandings impacting the implementation of an XR project. To solve that, he built the Nim Framework. Cederik: “The Nim Framework provides a common language for business- and technology experts to talk about the 4th revolution. It focuses on streamlining the communication between these experts concerning man and machine interactions caused by VR/AR, artificial intelligence, and 5G.” 

“I am convinced that Belgium can play a leading role in the world-wide VR/AR market.” – Cederik Haverbeke, Chapter President of the VR/AR Association Belgium

Belgium VR/AR 

Together with Howest University, Cederik published in 2019 the first VR/AR Association Ecosystem Report Belgium. It is an insightful overview, including 49 organizations, from businesses to universities, institutions, and non-profits. It describes, e.g., the types of companies, offering(s), customers, and their inspiring case studies in different industries. Besides, each organization provides its view on the future of the Belgium VR/AR ecosystem. Cederik is proud that the current report proves that Belgium has a high active number of organizations in the field of immersive technology globally. “I am convinced that Belgium can play a leading role in the world-wide VR/AR market,” he says.

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